Filezilla FTP over TLS


So far, I’ve been without problems accessing the FTP server EX2. Each controlled user password and other

In the latest update of Filezilla has been activated by default the option FTP over TLS.

Can someone tell how to properly configure the FTP server to function properly EX2 under this new protocol. ??

As you must configure the router to forward ports to server EX2 ??

Thank you very much.

Port-forward the port to the NAS via your Router

Filezilla info theorhetically should stay the same




port: 22


It is more complicated to do port-fordward.

In the FTP configuration options of our EX2 can configure many options including:

  • TLS Explicit
  • TLS Implicit
  • Passive mode.

These cf options must be configured correctly for the FTP can be accessed easily through Filezilla.

I tried to make the settings that you indicate both the EX2 as in the Router. When trying to access from outside with my address Dyndns shows error.

You have been tested with TLS Explicit and has worked for you ??


You enabled ftp within the WD Dashboard?

Port forwarding via the router is easy. What kind of router do you have?


The router is a Netgear CG3100

I have redirected ports correctly, and in the Ex2.

But no way. If active TLS Explicit still can not access FTP to EX2.


Did you forward the Port to the IP of the EX2? Did you create an Address Reservation for the EX2 in your Router as well? What external address are you using to FTP into? What port are you using? Do you have a TSL Cert?

File Transfer Protocol enables the transfer of data from one
computer to another through a network. FTP is disabled by default.

  1. To enable FTP Access, click the toggle button to on.
  2. Click Configure.
  3. On the FTP Settings screen, enter the following information:
    • Maximum Users: From the drop-down menu, select the
    maximum number of users you’d like to have FTP access.
    • Idle Time: Enter the amount of time, in minutes, you’d like the FTP
    to be idle before it times out.
    • Port: Enter the port to be used for FTP access.
    • Flow Control: Select either Unlimited or Customize. If you
    select Customize, enter a Flow Control value.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Passive Mode field, select either Default or Customize. If you
    select Customize, enter Passive Mode values.
  6. Select the check box if you’d like to report external IP in PASV mode,
    and then click Next.
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Client Language: Select the client language from the drop-down
    • SSL/TLS: Select this check box if you’d like to allow only SSL/TLS
    • FXP: To enable FXP, click the toggle button to ON.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter all IP addresses that you’d like to block from FTP access, and
    then select either Permanent or Temporary from the drop-down
    menu. Click Save to save your entries.
  10. Click Finish

I’m using port 990, as long as I have it forwarded in my router to my EX2 everything works great.  You must also setup the TLS to be “Implicit” encryption.   So to summarize;

  1. Make sure your EX2 is using a static IP

  2. Setup the apprpriate port to be forwarded to the static IP of your EX2.  (External port 990 forewarded to internal port 990 of the static IP address)

  3. Set your FTP client to TLS using implicit encryption

This has been working for me for months without a hitch. 

Hello Vertch1

I’ve lost a bit with the “Implicit and Explicit”

In the first explanation you say: You must setup the TLS Also to be “Implicit” encryption.

And finally in FTP client configuration you say Set your FTP client to using explicit TLS encryption.

I’ve tried various settings and I managed to connect to the FTP server in safe mode, but the error I get is this that you indicated.

I tested with two clients Server sent passive Reply with unroutable address, using host address instead.
Time expired!
Could not get the directory list
Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,109,217,46)
Error when trying to list the directory ‘/’.

I have reviewed all the settings:

Router redirects port 990 to the Internal IP of EX2.
The EX2 is configured FTP services to be 990.

I do not know if I miss something.


Sorry Pelukapus, I meant to say Implicit only.  I have edited my response sorry for the confusion.   Looking at my setup further I see that I have also setup the passive ports (55536 - 55563) to be forwarded in the router as well.  Sorry about that.  Add the passive ports to your router port forwards, make sure that the FTP config inside the EX2 is set to use the same passive ports and you should have it.