FTP access problems


I just got a new EX2 and I am trying to access towards FTP, after enabling it and keeping default configuration, when I try to access with any user created, I got the following after etnering the password:

530 Please tell me who you are

Any clue on what is happening?

Thanks in advance

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Just to add I m trying to connect within the same LAN segment, I am not interested in accessing to the NAS externally towards FTP.

I wanted to use it to move data from another NAS towards FXP.

Thanks in advance

Is FTP working for other community members without problems? I am on latest released FW solving OpenSSL TLS Heartbleed security problem.

FTP doesn’t work if you try to configure it via the dashboard GUI. WD has accepted to me after I proved to them there is a bug in their code that prevents setting the external IP in the ftp configuration from dashboard. They had promised me it would show up in the “next firmware” but the most recent firmware just fixed the Heartbleed bug. So based on another thread where I saw you commented, I can tell that you are comfy in going into SSH session. There is a manual workaround for the FTP that involves modifying a file in SSH and technically it would void your warranty…but I don’t think WD has any right to say we will void the warranty for a customer fixing a broken ftp by themselves…nor can they ever know that you messed with the file if you backup the original file first and if ever in need of warranty, you can remove your modded file and put the original file back (remember to copy the backup copy using -p switch to preserve file permissions and timestamp) :wink:

As to the file itself that works around this bug, it is /etc/NAS_CFG/config.xml. Near the very end but not at the end, I’d say about 85-90% into the file, you can see the configs that are stored for FTP under the section. If you were to try to configure the FTP via the dashboard and put in a value for the external IP, which is a must for Passive FTP to allow proper NAT, you will see that while all other changes you make are saved into this file, the external IP value stays unchanged at THAT IS the FTP bug that I referred to earlier. To fix it, you can manually edit that yourself in vi. In my case, I also needed to change the ftp port value because port 21 doesn’t work for me as my ISP, Verizon FiOS blocks all traffic on port 21. I had been using port 44 as my ftp port on a different ftp server (FileZilla server) on my computer for a year before I got this NAS, so I wanted to use the same port 44 so that my friends for whom I set up shares on NAS, can come in without altering any setting on their ftp clients. Unfortunately I found out, with WD tech support’s help, that their dashboard UI ONLY allows three possible port values - 21, 2121 and 9921. But once I found this XML file, I could set the port to 44 just as I wanted. However, it’s not as simple as that. The problem is when you reboot to allow the changed ftp settings in the XML to take effect, this file gets overwritten by a fresh one wiping out your changes. I discovered that during reboot, this config.xml gets copied over from /usr/local/config/config.xml. So in order to implement your workaround to get ftp working, you’ll have to modify the config.xml in /usr/local…which means you need to also backup the one in /usr/local first before changing anything (using cp - p) and not touch the one in /etc/NAS_CFG/. Once you’ve modded the external IP value (and port if needed) you can reboot and voila! Your modded ftp settings has now taken effect. You can just skip the dashboard ftp config for now until they fix that. Now, you should be able to ftp into the box as expected.

If this resolves your ftp issues, please mark this post as solution (I know it’s not the right solution…the right one should come from WD) and if you wouldn’t mind, please click on the star next to my username to give me a kudo :slight_smile:

EDIT: The bug I pointed out affects only ftp from outside…internally within EX2’s network, ftp should work without problems or requiring any edits to the file mentioned above.

Thanks Cybernut1 ,

I already saw your post about this and tryed to include ip address in the file, but I get same problem.

I assume it is not related since I try to access within internal LAN, furthermore, my problem seems related to authentication not being ok.


Yes, you don’t need to worry about the external IP unable to set from dashboard bug if you are only trying to do this within the same network.

I have not tried using FXP but I saw the manual PDF has instructions to do that. I myself cannot vouch whether that works fine or not but I saw at least one other person in the last week report some problems with FXP and gave up and instead just FTP’d his data from another NAS via his PC in multiple batches. Kinda inconvenient I know but unfortunately sometimes the easy things don’t seem to work. It may or may not be an issue affecting anybody trying FXP…might just be a settings issue…who knows.

I found the problem… trivial one, I did not realizae I had to explicitily enable into shares FTP.

I am used to previous WD NAS (My World Edition, My Book Live and My Cloud) and this is new :slight_smile:

Now I am not able to transfer towards FXP from a My Cloud into EX2, I get “Illegal PORT command.” errors

Oh, of course…thought you had seen the ftp switch on every share’s settings :slight_smile: Well, at least it’s working…that’s the important part.

EDIT: Oh wait, are you still getting errors…some port error?