Setup FTPS on MyCloud EX2 Ultra

has anyone setup a FTPS transfer ?
FTP-Setup 1
- PASSIVE MODE: Standard
- no reporting of externa IP in passive mode (PASV mode)
FTP-Setup 2
- UTF-8 language
- UNchecked : ilpicite TLS
- checked: explicite TLS
FTP-Setup 3 (Blocked IP addresses)
- none

Is this 1st step ok?

My 2nd step is a new share for FTP uploads:
At SHARES setting, I activated the slider for
FTP-Access: ON and adapted anonymous, Read/Write-Access

(I have no clue, why FTP has only the 3 settings

  • anonymous
  • anonymous, read only
  • anonymous, read/write access )

With these settings, should I have a FTPS access to this share?
Port number forwarded on the router is be 990.

Any help / hints are appreciated,
regards Joerg

Hi Jörg,

Yes, you can access with FTPS. I followed the description here and it works on my MyCloud EX2 Ultra (5.20.113) with FritzBox 7590. Let me know if you need a translation… :wink:

I 'm using Swish to access the folders in the windows explorer.

Kind regards,

PS: I’ve attached the article: