File Word or Excel not running on tablet

I have installed My Cloud Home and it seems work correctly.
I see all file on notebook (win 10) smartphone or tablet (Samsung).
Images and pdf files can be used easily only clicking on the file icon.
However, I cannot open files Excel or Word or mp3.
Excel and Word are installed correctly and work on other files loaded on the tablet.
Is there anyone who can help me to open these files in short way?
Thank you in advance

Hi Max-52,

Have you tried to download those files from My Cloud Home on tablet and tried to open those files?

You can contact WD Technical Support about this from the links given below:

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.

Hi Brandon,
thank you for your kind answer.
The problem that I have with WD device (which WD describe as a NAS) is that I see all the files stored on the cloud but not all of them are available.
For example, I can quickly open the pdf or jpeg files only clicking on the icon.
But, if I click on Word or Excel files a new windows appears (OPEN IN) which suggests me the file in other applications but not EXCEL or WORD.
For example, I can open the mail application (GMAIL) and I find the file as attached file to a message that I do not need to send. Anyway, clicking on the attached file, this file is opened.
But this way is very winding and it’s impossible to store back the modified file. However this not the way to work with a NAS (Network Attached Storage).
Now you suggest me to download those files, from My Cloud Home on tablet, and try to open those files.
Could you be so kind to write me, step by step, the commands to use in My Cloud Home ambient to copy a file from the cloud to tablet (SAMSUNG)?
Of course, after working on the file I need to copy from the tablet to My Cloud Home original position.
Only for you for your information, it’s more than 35 years that I work on computers, and in my life I have copied files.
However, it is possible to learn something more.
About reference to WD Support, I have already done this and I received a totally not satisfying answer.
Please Brandon, let me follow your kind advice but, please, describe me the necessary operations systematically.
Thank you in advance

J’ai le même problème, je ne peux pas accéder aux fichiers excel, word,… à partir de mon Smartphone Android alors que j’ai des applications office qui fonctionnent sur mon smartphone. En plus My Cloud Home ne propose même pas de télécharger le fichier sur l’appareil Android. Comment faire pour lire ces documents sans passer par un PC ?
Merci d’avance de votre aide

I also purchased WD my Cloud 6TB this week and I am not very happy with it. Specially when one wants to work with MS Office product. It is just good for photos etc. In todays advanced software industry WD does not have the capability to offer a plug and play product which is really disappointing. Simple files of Excel or Word cannot be properly opened in order to work with them because the WD software goes bananas. I hope I did not make a bad buy because I do not require a network drive for photos but for my work etc.

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