File/folder permissions on the NAS

macOS/iTunes issue

I have some purchased music locally on my mac drive, and those purchased music files have file and sharing permissions associated to them by macos.

however i also have tv shows, but keep the media/content on my NAS, and those files have different permissions.

i frequently get the Not Authorized dialogue when I try playing the purchased TV shows, even though the computer is already authorized. after reauthorizing, the content plays without an issue.

this causes issues with syncing to an iOS device, because during the sync the purchased content I am syncing will not transfer over.

how can i define the correct folder/file permissions for this media that is on the NAS ?

I tried giving the TV folder (on the NAS) the same permissions as one of my purchased music files (me, staff, everyone), but that is not working.

Here are the permissions of a music file that resides on my mac drive (itunes purchase):

user@mbp-macOS The Essential Eddie Money % ls -l 12\ Walk\ On\ Water.m4a

-rwxr-xr-x 1 user staff 10241849 Jun 15 2019 12 Walk On Water.m4a

Here are the permissions for a tv show file that resides on my NAS (itunes purchase):

root@MyCloudEX2Ultra The Universe # ls -l *.m4v

-rwxrwxrwx 1 admin share 579648089 Apr 11 2016 01 Alien Planets.m4v

the users and groups between the 2 devices are not the same and this might be part of the problem if the the TV app on the mac is trying to process the file as part of the library.

anyone have ideas/suggestions ?

The issue is likely the owner is missing in the other group. You can use chown to change the file owner or you can add the user to the correct group.

I avoid all this type of permission/group nonsense by just having one user and don’t have any files I care to transfer owned by admin.

i think this would be inherent to the platform/app. because the computer and NAS are independent operating systems with independent sets of users.

unfortunately cannot go the route of setting one single user. in addition to admin, i have 3 users and set permissions to the various shares i keep on the NAS.

the specific issue is with apple purchased media.

i suppose i’ll live with having to reauthorize the computer whenever i get that sync error that pops up with purchased content being synced to an ios device.

Yea I only use my EX2 Ultra NAS to share / store / backup files in home. I do NOT want Cloud access. I turn off all the bloated tools and kill the wd indexing. I just use Windows Explorer and rsync to get share and sync files. The NAS moves files much faster a solid 16MB/sec as opposed to the 1-2 MB/sec I had from the default out of box setup. Anything more will just complicate its use just as you described.

Anyway good luck.