Folder permissions

All my folders inside the shares suddenly are not accessible. When I sign out and sign in again, it works for a few seconds and then the folder permissions change. What’s going on? What happened?

I tried Plex, that didn’t work, then I installed wonky (which does work). Not sure if that caused anything. Plex is uninstalled. Twonky is uninstalled. Still having the same issue.

@daleksic I would recommend to run Drive test.
And also let us know if you are trying AFP and SMB, and if you have problem with both.


I’ve ran a full and quick drive test last night as well as a system test. Everything seems to coming back as normal. I’ve been making a backup of the EX2 to make sure I’m not going to loose any data.

I have AFP and SMB2 and SMB3 enabled. Problem only happens on my Macs, not on my PCs. By playing around with the settings I lost my ability to use time machine. I deleted the Share, made a new one and all Macs are now backing up properly to a new TimeMachine Share.

I had updated to the latest firmware. Not sure if the problem happened because of the new firmware or because I was playing at the same time around trying to make Plex work (which I couldn’t) and then I installed Twonky (which did work). I since have removed both installs.

Did you solve this in the end?

I happen to have this issue for the first time.

I set up a job with GoodSync to sync three folders. The three folder are not accessible with the red icon in the Finder. The files are being synced nevertheless and are accessible in the web app or the app or the files app on iOS.

Permissions look OK in both terminal and Finder. Any clue?