Problem with a folder I created (permission)


I bought a my cloud ex4 2 months ago and have been moving my media files to the NAS storage. I have created a few folders to separate the different files, Movies, TV, Music, iTunes Media etc.

However, after a recent reboot, the permission for one of the folder changed from “Access” to “deny access”. I can see it when I logged in as an “admin” user but overtime I change the permission back to “access”, for Admin User, under “Shares” and/or “user”, it reverts back to “deny access”.

I have searched the topics here and could not find any one with the issues… Can someone help?

I haven’t seen this case before. What firmware are you running on the unit?

Have you tried resetting the drive and testing that again?

My current firmware for mycloud ex4 is 2.11.140.

I have rebooted the server - is that what you mean? If not, how does one reset the drive?