Strange rights issue after firmware upgrade

I installed the 1.03.39 firmware and now on one of my shares when I try to move files some of them give me “permission denied” errors. I’ve tried changing the rights on the share, recreating my drive mapping, restarting but nothing works. When I look at some of the files via ssh I see some are 


and others are


But even trying a chown on the file does not help.

If someone knows what I can do to fix this please let me know, otherwise I’d love to know how to rollback firmware as this firmware upgrade was the worst decision I ever made since buying this device.

So while waiting on a response (not a complaint of waiting for response, just a statement) I did some more research and noticed that the files in question are ALWAYS photos.

To give some background I’m using calibre so I have folder X with 3 files, one of which is a cover as a .jpg. When I make a change to the author/name in calibre it moves it to a new folder and then deletes the original. The problem is that it’s using hardlinks for the move to help ensure files don’t just vanish during the move (and it’s doing this for ALL the files, not just the problem ones) so suddenly something happens on the EX4 and I can no longer move the file as it’s saying they’re the same file. Both of the other files are being moved in the exact same manner and are having absolutely no issues whatsoever and I was running this method for 2 months now with my EX4 without any issue overall until 1.03.39. I did notice that wdphotodbmerger was running a lot so I’m wondering if that is what is causing the issue as maybe it is trying to scan the “new” image as soon as it shows up.

If this is the case how to I permenantly disable wdphotodbmerger as I don’t want nor need any wd process to do anything to my photos that are on the system.

Tarran I had to turn the media sharing back on via the dashboard for each of my shares as well as reboot my pc. As soon as I did everything connected fine. If you’re like me and rarely reboot your PC, try a simple reboot.

I’ll try the reboot but for the media share part I actually always kept that off on mine. I use a plex server and other methods for the sharing, the NAS is just for the storage itself. Thank you for the advice and I’ll let you know how the reboot goes.