BUG : Firmware 1.02.36

My EX4 have two Raid1 Volume with four 2TB hard.

First Raid1’s name is Volume_1 other is Volume_2.

When I setup EX4, it’s firmware version is 1.02.08 (Initial Release).

I had copy my files to EX4 and setup all users, groups, shares…

and I update firmware with 1.02.36.

It’s was possible that add new user, group, shares, 

I could change Volume_1’s authority,

but I could not change all authority setting of Volume_2.

so I downgrade firmware to 1.02.25 but It’s same.

so I receive new EX4 from my local supplier. I do restore setup from older, and backup to newer.

All operation was normal, but It’s fimware was 1.02.08. so I upgrade firmware wih 1.02.36.

and then It’s sign was regenerated.

Finally, I do downgrade my older EX4’s firmwar to 1.02.08. It’s operation is normal.

I think this is BUG with certainty.

To find out this problem, it took fully two weeks. -_-;

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Volumes don’t have permissions.

Of course, I know that  Volumes don’t have permissions.

In example,  Volume_1 have Shares Folder name A and B
                    Volume_2 have Shares Folder name C and D

I can setup  permission to the Shares A and B,

but I can not setup permission to Shares Folder C and D

It does not apply all permission settings associate with Shares Folder C and D (include in the Volume_2).

So you get an error message when you do that or it takes the changes but they have no effect and when you go back, the changes are reversed (not saved)?


Have an error when trying to change permissions?

Hi I have similar issue. Mine is Shares Created on Volume_2 disapear and one cannot create shares.

My EX4 is setup as RAID 1 volumes 2x 4TB RED NAS & 2x 3TB RED NAS Initally I was able to create a Single Share under 1.02.08 but after upgrading through 1.02.25 then 1.02.36 the issue has not changed.

I opened a Case with support and of course they sent me a list of things that they wanted me to do - As though I had no data on the EX4 and all the time in the world at my hands. Too busy with other work to devote much more time to this device. It’s only use was for a secure Backup of my work files and personal stuff, and not necessarily a Media Streaming device. So my requirements are fairly basic to start with.

Finally got some time to work on the EX4 issue (over Easter Weekend) and found that if I replaced the 2x 3TB drives with 2x 4TB RED NAS drives it all worked! Going back to the 3TB drives still showed the same problem (even after multiple formats etc).

I found that if you only had Bays 3&4 (3TB Drives) online i.e. after power off remove both drives in Bays 1&2. You can create all the Shares that you wish (Drives were seen as Volume_1 in RAID 1 format). Power off reinsert Bays 1&2 power on and low and behold all your new shares created are there and available and work. We should not have to do this just to get it to work, or create a new Share - Oh for a new Crystal Ball - mines broken!

As far as the Case is concerned I had no further Communication after reporting my findings and Support just CLOSED the CASE!

Then had the cheek to send me a request to do a Survey on their Support.