Privileges on NAS and OSX drive me crazy

Hi all,

For a couple of months I’m using a WDL Duo (NAS) for backup and archive purposes.

So far so good.

For every share on the NAS I use an Admin password so I have full access to everything.

But now comes the part that really drives me crazy, and I don’t know how to solve it.

I have an iMac and a MacBook Pro. On both computers I have access to the shares on the NAS.

Both computers have different accounts, because the MacBook Pro is from my employer, and the iMac is my private computer.

When I create a directory on one of the Shares on the NAS and put files in it when I’m working on my MacBook, that same directory is not accessible when I’m working on my iMac. The directory is there, but all I see is a big Folder-Icon. This also happens the other way round: creating a folder with items on the NAS when on the iMac, only the folder icon is shown when working on the MacBook. (Using terminal I can get a listing of files and folders in such a folder, but not in the finder)

Why is this happening?

Are user specific privileges copied over to the NAS per file or folder ?

I know it has something to do with privileges and flags being set or changed, and I’ve tried changing these using Terminal, but that didn’t help.

I thought that when logged in to a NAS share as an Admin I could always see and alter the files and folders on that share. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What can I do to make sure I have access to all the files and folders on the NAS, no matter on what computer I am.

This is even more weird!!!

I just disconnected all my shares from the NAS.

And then reconnected them via SMB (Samba).

And now I have access to, and can see all files and folders.

So, there is something strange going on when connecting the Apple way through AFP.

Can anyone explain this?