Faulty disk return policies?

I have a WD PR4100 with one drive that is busy failing (still under warranty), I’ve emailed the retailer to start the replacement process but they want me to send back the entire unit with all the drives. Can I not just return the single faulty drive? What is the standard practice for this?

Obviously not only is this is a privacy concern but would be a pain if something happened to the other drives during shipping.

I’d just like to get all the info before emailing them back.


contact wd support directly. they should be able to replace the hdd only for you.

Thanks. I’ve tried sending them a support ticket but nobody replies (have waited 4 days).

I also cannot submit an RMA through their website as I cannot click on anything as it’s all greyed out.

I thought WD support was better than this, I obviously was mistaken.