Fan not working. Code: 0029


I’ve recibe emails about fan stop working

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudEX2 .
Event title: Fan Not Working
Event description: The system fan is not working. Contact WD Support.
Severity: critical
Event code: 0029
Event time: 03-28-2019 03:05:04 AM
Firmware version: 2.31.174

Is there any way to contact WD Support?
Or there way to solve this?


Hi JuanS,

There can be many conditions under which the “fan not working” notification on the My Cloud device’s dashboard can be triggered. You can refer the link mentioned below to troubleshoot for the issue.


@Brandon.P I’ve not yet got a fan problem, but was wondering if it is possible to purchase a spare from someone? It only attaches to the chassis by four screws and one connector to the PCB. Just a 10 minute job to swap out of necessary. I can’t see that there should be a need to return a NAS back to the WD for a fan replacement?

Can you provide the specifications, make and model of the the required fan or a direct compatible make and model? I am Edugessing that the fan for the EX4100 will be the same as for the DL4100?


Hi Myron,

Replacing a fan from My Cloud enclosure would void the warranty of the device. We always recommend contacting WD Support in this concern.


@Brandon.P The DL4100 in discussion and consideration does not a valid warranty so no warranty to void so for me to replace a faulty fan in it should not be a problem. Is it still possible to get a single replacement/spare fan some time in the near future?