Fan not working

Could a moderator pass this message to support, I am based in the UK and your webform for support doesn’t work.

I keep receiving the following emails

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudEX2 .

Event title:Fan Not Working

Event description:The system fan is not working. Contact WD Support.


Event code:0029

Event time:04-25-2016 06:08:33 PM

Firmware version: 2.11.142

The NAS also looses connectivity and I am usable to contact the device on my network. This is mostly since the last software update.

Thank you

I have passed along the notification with regards to the web form for your region.

In the meanwhile, an alternative would be to contact WD Support over the phone.

Thank you

My ex2 has now been replaced. The new replacement unit also seems to also have a fan problem I was told by western digital support that the fan will come on if it reaches 55-57 degrees. However my drives hit 61 today and the fan didn’t spin up on the replacement. It didn’t even give a warning. I took one of the drives out and it was dangerously hot and could only be held by the plastic tab.

I left a review on Amazon warning any potential buyers last month about the minimum temperature for the fan and it may not be suitable for use with non western digital disks but this seems a bit dangerous to me. Maybe this should be escalated and possibly a recall issued.