Fan Issues and WD Site Issues

So, no red lights or anything, just a fluke that I logged into the MyCloud website to find that a few days ago my fan stopped working.

The system fan is not working. Contact WD Support. Code: 29

So I try to login to the WD Support, says password not a match, I click reset, sends me a temp password, I follow the steps to reset and says

INACTIVE_OWNER_OR_USER: owner or user is inactive. Org Id:00DU0000000Jpn7

Good product… if/when it works, but when it has an issue, trying to get support makes it not worth it.

Anyone have an email address for support? is the fan just a basic PC fan I can swap out? Only a few months old so should still have warranty but the WD site’s being a pain.

EDIT - Just tried the automated upload from within MyCloud and error uploading system log. Found the email link for support, filled in the form and hit submit and ‘The service you requested is currently unavailable.’ What a rubbish site.

So… took the front off the EX2, easy when you figure it out (2 push in clips at the bottom, 2 at the top, slide the case forward).

Fan is clean… plug in the power and fan runs a second or two, pauses, system boots up a bit more then the fan runs just fine. Then at some point a minute or so later it just stops. I left the case open for now so was able to flick the blades a little to see if maybe stuck because of that weird rubber housing, but won’t spin.

Given how easily it spun at startup, would this be a fan issue? or the EX2 simply not sending power to the fan?

The fan doesn’t turn on until the unit is heating up…

Would that full/long test detect if the fan is working? Like force it to turn on/off for testing?

It probably won’t turn back on while it’s open but same time afraid to close it back up in case decides to overheat. I did find/enabled the email notification though so at least this time I’ll know.

Still though… when the case was closed it had the fan not working error last Thursday which means something is wrong.

true, I didn’t read your post properly about the fan error but if it is spinning at boot up then stops, it should mean that the fan is working… maybe…

I think a lot of WD products are coming to their end of life cycle and support is minimum these days.

So even if you call tech support and you did manage to get support then there is usually only one resolution that they offer and that is to swap your unit for another re-furbish/used one (i.e. one that they think is working fine).

The single drive My Clouds personal never did have fans and the red drives can run hot without problems (again theoretically).

If you are afraid that your ex2 is overheating I have heard that some users have bought a USB personal fan units and have place them on top of the EX2 blowing downwards.

Optionally just keep another backup copy of your data (you should anyways) and just let the unit run as-is (ignoring any fan errors that it reports).

Good luck…