Factory Restore Message on start up!


I am having great problems with my WDMyCloud device…

After each boot up of my Win 10 Laptop PC I get a message from my WDMyCloud device “Factory Restore Succeeded. Your system has been restored to factory settings”

Now this is very worrying…actually this is not true, but very worrying as some of my folders have disappeared!

I am using the latest Firmware! INstalled just this week!

Any ideas?

Have you ever factory restored your My Cloud? If so the notification message you see pop up on your computer is due to the WD software (let me guess WD Sync) polling the messages the My Cloud generates in the Dashboard and displays them. You can access the My Cloud Dashboard and delete any of the alert/notification messages found on the Alert/Notification icon. (mycloudnotificationicon).

Hi Bennor, thanks for the reply.

No never ever factory restored! Never really been happy with the WDMyCloud, very slow, but not wanting to lose any data by doing a factory restore!

There are several “system restore” options. One of them only resets the My Cloud to defaults and does not erase any user data. See the embedded Dashboard Help for more information on which restore option does what. Or see the My Cloud User Manual for more information.

What do you mean by disappeared?

Yesterday when I started to backup my Laptop using SmartWare all the content gauges were showing up as yellow and it showed 0 for backup on the My Cloud. I checked my Desktop to see what was going on and everything showed as being on the My Cloud for both my Laptop and Desktop. I went back to my Laptop and started the backup, The content gauges started changing from Yellow to Blue very fast because everything was still on my My Cloud except for the few changes I had made.

I think this happened because a few days back when I was doing the Laptop backup it was taking a long time and since I was leaving to go somewhere I stopped the backup and shut the Laptop down.

Well, on reflection it seems that I did carry out a “Factory Restore” but without losing my data. I think that went well👍

My “missing files/folders” seems to have occurred when I was transferring a lot of pictures to the MyCloud. On subsequently checking it appeared that all of the folders had transferred but each folder was empty! It was an overnight transfer so possibly the PC had shut down in the middle of the transfer😱

Anyway I am now in the process of adding the files to the folders. Looks like another overnight job. I will let you know how it went!