External Passport was for Windows, now using on MacBook

Wife has lots of memory pictures on Passport. She originally used this with a Windows laptop. She now has an Apple MacBook. The drive is visible on her new laptop, and she can view the photos. However, when viewing the photos, if she wants to move that photo into a folder on the Passport, it will not let her. When she selects a photo and attempts to drag it, it also shows a circle image with a line through it. Im assuming it has something to do with the formatting. What is the best way to fix this issue so she does not lose any photos on the drive ? Thanks much.


We would like to inform you that the WD My Passport drive is Formatted for Windows® operating systems. You can confirm it by right clicking on drive icon and then clicking on properties. You will see the file system is in NTFS.

You need to reformat the drive with APFS file system then only you will be able to use your drive in Mac OS.

Make sure that you have backed-up your data stored on the drive before going to format the drive because reformatting is data destructive process.

Please go through this KB article :

That what I figured. When I move the files off the drive before I reformat it, is it ok to create a folder on the Apple desktop and copy the files to there - - then move them back when I’m finished ???