External HDD not showing up


I have external usb HDD of WD and facing the following problem from today:

When I plug the HDD in USB port, the light on the drive flashes and stay stable. I can see it’s icon in the task bar near clock,which gives option to remove it safely.

It’s also showing as USB Mass Storage Device under Universal Serial Bus controllers in Device Manager.

Hard drive folder was used to pop out automatically when I plug the drive but it’s not opening and not even showing in My Computer.

I searched a lot on this issue but everyone said try to assign drive letter from Disk Management but it’s not even showing there as well.

I tried plugging the HD in 3 different computers and the problem is same.

I also tried to uninstall the driver and re plugged it for the fresh install and it said successfully installed but still same.

I have important data which I can’t afford to lose.

Please help !!

Hello Mate,

Have you try with a different USB cable, also when you connect the drive to the computer do you feel the drive spinning or vibrating at all?

Check if the drive appears on disk management

try a different cable

I tried different USB cable.

I checked with ear, there is little spinning sound.

I have already mentioned that it’s not appearing in disk management.