WD My Passport Not Showing up

Hi, My external hard drive is not showing up on my computer. I connect it with my PC or laptop is still not showing up. Light is on and the spinning sound works but its not showing up on my computer. I did check my disk management but its showing Unknown/Not Initialized. Please help.

. Did it work recently? There have been a number of users with the same problem. I suggest you search Support and Knowledge base for this if you haven’t done so. Also, though it does seem to be ok, the USB cable may be bad. Try a different one, and make sure you are not using a USB hub.


I’ve had some frustrating problems with my external drive (P/N: WDBBEP0010BBK-01). Last night it worked perfectly, but today it isn’t even showing up in disk management.When I plug the drive in, the light comes on


Check which services are running. Two ways: 1. Use Task Manager and look for WD Drive Manager or 2. Open Computer Management and select “Services” near the bottom of the list. In either case the WD Drive Manager must be running and should start Auto. If not running use Computer Management Services to Start it and set the Start to Auto.

If the Drive Manager is working I suggest you go to Support and open a case.