HDD does not show up anywhere


10 days ago I bought a “WD Elements 1TB Desktop” but it refuses to work after plugging it in 3 times.

I bought it so I could transfer stuff from one PC to another but when I plugged it in into the laptop I heard it spin up over and over but never showing up on the laptop itself while It did install and work correctly the first time I plugged it in.

Someone told me to uninstall it in Device Manager and restart the PC so it could reinstall… but it didn’t. And now it won’t show up anywhere I look.


  1. Windows Driver corrupted bust doesnt say which one

  2. If it doesnt show up in Device Manager/Other PC its basicly dead.

Thing is I manually took it out of Device Manager,  the HDD still spins up and the lights keep flashing.

So is there any chance I can fix this? I can’t believe the drive has failed already after 3 times spinning up right? :confounded:.

If the drive was only purchased 10 days ago just returned to the store

Theres 400GB worth of files on it already who I rather not lose.

I can’t use a program to recover it either because the PC simply does not see it plugged in or whatever.

Also just read the shops faq, they wont take it back after 8 days :confounded: