WD Elements 2TB External HDD not showing up?!

Hi everyone,

I have a WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 (wdbaau0020hbk-01) and I’ve noticed it’s no longer showing up in My Computer (Windows 7) nor Disc Management. I’ve tried it on my partner’s Mac, albeit under the Guest account, and to no avail.

The light still comes on and makes a noise to signify that it hasn’t completely died. I did a search and it appears that it may be the controller died, and I should open the case up and get a SATA to USB converter. Is this a possibility?

The idea of losing my files frightens me. There’s a lot of important and historical memories on there. Fortunately, I had the foresight a month and a half ago to buy Google Drive storage and backed up about 70% of it. I still had about 30% left.



I dont recommend attempting to repair a drive. This may damage the drive even more and make your data irrecoverable. If you have important data that you want to recover I recommend you contact a data recovery company.