External drive not showing up in My Computer

I disconnected my external hard drive to fit  anew graphics card in my PC and when I reconnected everything the external drive does not show up in My Computer.  Now I did not use the ‘safely remnove hardware’ option and just pulled the usb lead out of my PC.  I have done that before and never had  a problem but now I can’t see the drive!  I reconnected the USB and I have a flashing icon on my desktop and when I move my mouse over it a message saying ‘Drive Discovering’ shows up.  Do I just have to let my PC find the drive again or is there something mroe serious going on?

Hi there, have you tried the drive on a different computer to make sure the drive is working properly? This is really strange, although i would recommend to always try to safely remove the drive from the operating system. You can also try a different cable as well.

Hi there - thanks for your reply.  I noticed that if I click on the WD Unlocker on ‘My Computer’ and puot in my password it unlocks it and it shows up in ‘My Computer’.  When I hold the drive I can feel it whirring a round.