EX4100 intermittent issues connecting to dahboard

I just setup a brand new EX4100, and started having issues from the beginning. Everytime I change a setting the screen says updating and that is where it stays, i can hit refresh after waiting 10 mins then i cannot connect to it. My browser says there is a problem with this web page or connection issues. I can eventually get back in, but once i am back into the dashboard, it will not allow me to click anything. It acts as if it frozen.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Could it be something on my network interfereing? This is a small office setting with a single server that is a domain controller/DNS and have a small business Cisco firewall inplace.



I’m having the same problem with an EX2100 and it’s the second one.

I returned the first one for the same issuue. Buggy software. Keeps freezing up.

Are you using a Mac to connect to it? I’m using a Mac Mini. Safari froze, using Chrome now.

I bought mine without HDDs. Chose Raid 1 and Drive Self Test is stuck at 70%.

I think the page it frozen. I’m afraid to refresh it. I can open another Tab, so browser is not frozen.

I have it on a small office network, however I have had it directly connected to my mac book pro and had no issues. It’s when the nas is on the office network that i have issues. From a windows computer i’ve tried IE, Firefox, and Chrome, all with the same basic results. How is your network setup?


Are all front panel LEDs blue (for drive slots) or are any red after unit boots and settles down?  If any are red, then you need to return unit to factory defaults which is explained in complete pdf manual from WD support.  It can take a while for unit to fully configure itself first time and/or after factory reset.