Can`t see the EX4100 with WD Access, unit freeze, and I have to restart it unpluging the power cord

I have a WDEX4100, I have experiencing in two time the next behavior; After a week end, At start the activity, I can’t connect with the NAS using the WD Access (Mac computer), I can’t see the Name of the disk menu to open the disk to work, the only menu that are available are the about and quit menu, to be able to have access again to the NAS unit, I have to shut down it, but the unit is freezed, I can`t shut down it using the button in it, I have to disconect the power cord and I recconect it, then I can see the unit an access to it.

How can I shut down propperly the unit when it`s freeze wiht out have to unplug the power cord?, and does anyone have the same behavior? does anyone knows wich is the reason of it?

I have turned on the auto up date firmaware feature, a power schedule for week end and a scan for virus schedule all modays at 6:00 am, can some of this freeze the NAS sistem?

Any help wold be helpfull.


Hi Ricknin,
So I had (and sometimes have) this issue with my EX4100. I contacted WD support about this a few years ago and the suggestion that helped was a system restore. Under Settings > Utilities > Restore to Default… go to the drop down menu and choose System Only.

If you choose to do this somewhat radical surgery on your NAS be sure to back up anything you can’t lose!

Anyway it worked for me. It was a few years ago when I did this. It all came back surprisingly well. I don’t remember if I had to go back and redo things like shares and settings. I’m pretty sure that that will be necessary once it is restored to factory. All my data was still there. I have over 20T of stuff on my NAS, mostly video stuff, and it would have been a drag if it crashed but i have everything backed up on hard drives that i store in my desk.

The other thing i have been doing, which i think maybe you could try first, is that my NAS goes to sleep at 0200 and wakes up again at 0600, every day. This on and off cycle everyday does not seem to cause any issues and my EX4100 has been pretty ■■■■ reliable since I did these two things.

Ironically I am on this forum today because my NAS has been getting some attention this weekend. I have changed out 2 of the hard drives and switched to JBOD for storing data (my 8T x 4 on raid 5 was almost full and I am not finding any good reason to use raid anymore). So reloading all my stuff from backups. This morning I had to reboot by powering off and on again but this is the first time I have had to do this for months.