My EX4100 freezes every few days

When it does, I cant connect to it in any way… not via web interface, or File browser, or with any Other computer on the network.
Even the On-Off Button won’t work. (the Up/Down sliders do work, let me see the configuration…).

I then must pull out the power cable to restart it, against all recommandentions…

I reseted the whole thing to factory setting and still it does that Freezing on me…

I think its one of the recent Firmware updates that is to blame.

Where can I find older firmware to roll back the machine to a more stable state?
On the Website I can only get the latest one…

Did you check the logs?
What is the output of: tail -100 /var/log/*.log right after the crash?

Where do I run tail -100 /var/log/*.log?

This exact problem has been happening to my device for a year now - every week or two, it locks up, the only way to recover is to pull the power cord. :expressionless: