EX4 Fan Not Working


Not sure if it’s related, but recently updated the firmware on my EX4 and now I get a “Fan Not Working” error after a little while. I ran diagnostics and it shows the fan is ok, so I’m a bit worried.

I hear the fan kick on when I first power on the EX4 but not after that (maybe it’s just really really quiet).

I have looked through other posts and most seem to reference RMA under warranty, but I bought in Nov 2016, so a few months out of warranty at this point - is it user replaceable? And where would I get a replacement fan?

Any thoughts welcome :slight_smile:


If the fan clicks, it’s likely a bad fan. I had to replace the fan in mine last year. It’s an easy fix if you’re comfortable taking things apart. I got replacement fan off amazon for around 8 bucks I think.

No clicking, just the error message

Ah, apologies, I misread kick for click. If it were me, for a cost of 8 or so bucks and 15 minutes, I’d still replace the fan but that’s just me.

Also, on mine, when the fan is on, you can feel it it blowing air but cannot really hear it (maybe the surrounding equipment drowns it out). Have you checked the drive temperatures?

Thanks - I’ll check that out when I’m back in town. But, I agree, for ~8 bucks it’s worth it to just replace the thing.

I looked on Amazon - I’m guessing I need something better than “My Cloud EX4 fan” because that didn’t come up with anything. I’ll have to open it up and see what size it is.

pmo6, Any chance you could shoot me the model number for the fan. I have an external fan on mine to keep it cool, so don’t want to take it out of commission until I have new part ready to swap.


No problem. Here is a link for the one I purchased on Amazon.