EX4 admin password

I try to do the 40 sec reset, but it did not work for me, after I unplug hold the paper clips and plug the power cord back in the reset holes for 40 sec, it wont re start, I have to manual to click on the power button to start it, am I missing something?
I try to click on WD Access/setting, it bring me to the login page, this the problem I have, try all user name and password cannot login. admin/ blank / password.
I am on firmware 2.11.140 Please help me out.

The reset with the paperclip is performed while the unit is still on. It does not work while the unit is powered down.

If you properly held the reset switch deep-enough for the appropriate amount of time and the unit does not remove the admin password (No password is the default state, but admin remains the username) then the reset switch could be malfunctioning.

Perhaps it’s a bit late, but I just discovered that a 10 sec. reset only resets the admin password to empty (apart from some other resets of course), not the (admin) user name in case you changed this (and also leaves all other users and passwords unchanged). In it self not a bad thing, if you know this, but rather unexpected since most other devices reset the admin user name AND the password, and there is no description of this in any manual as far as I could find. So if you ever changed the default admin user name to for instance “manager” then after a 10 second reset log in with “manager” and no password. Do not use “admin” as a user name, since that doesn’t exist at that point.