Forgotten password...?

I hope you can help me, if i try to login the adminpage of my ex16 192.162.0… it seems i got my password wrong.

Which is odd as i always use just a few pw for everything. Tried them all access denied!

Is there a way to get arround this?

Not sure if the reset option available from the utilities page under settings will reset the password to factory default, but I know that doing a hard reset using the reset button on the back of the unit by pressing it for approx 10 sec until the unit reboots will reset the password back to the default (which is no password, I think).  Either operation will not affect your data, but the latter one does remove user accounts and may modify other settings back to their default.  

I am going from memory on this since I had to finally take my NAS back due to all the unresolved issues with this unit.  I am waiting on the side lines to see if WD will provide a firmware update soon before I have found something else that works for me.  It’s not rocket science, but unfortunately so much of the software development is done overseas by organizations that are unable to even deliver basic functionality, so unfortunately, WD may never get it quite right.  If they can deliver a product like this to market before it was tested and finished, I can see the same thing happening with future updates that will attempt to fix issues and may fail to do so as well as include additional bugs.  It may get worse before it gets better.  I hope that I am wrong, but the trend in this industry is going in the wrong direction.

Hold the reset “pin hole” button in on the back for 30 seconds.  It won’t dump your data but it will restore all your settings.  The admin password wil go back to default.  Please remember to set up all your profiles and permissions again because basically everything goes public.