EX2 Ultra: 3rd occurence - Drive Status Fault / Red Led on device

Running latest Firmware (5.18.117), this is the 3rd occurence in the past year where I see the middle LED turns led. Logging in to the system and I see Caution in the Home Page Diagnostics box with
Driver Status Fault error message.
All tests are fine, no errors come back.

This is not too reassuring, to say it mildely. Yes, a reboot will eliminate the error message for a few weeks/months, but I am not supposed to constantly walk to my NAS to see if the LED is red again, if the Driver Status is at Fault again (BTW - why isn’t the system emailing me when this is happening? It does when the Network is disconnecte).

How can the tests pass when clearly something in the system isn’t working right?

What am I supposed to do now, buy a new drive? Will this solve the problem? Or perhaps the problem is not with the drive but rather with the board?

@WD_Admin - Care to weigh in on this? I am not alone with this problem as other threads will attest.

Thank you.

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Pardon my ignorance, but how/where do I run these commands? I can enable SSH, but that’s as far as I know.

EDIT: OK, was able to capture these. What do they tell me, if anything?