EX2 drive2 slot has power but no drive detected

Hey everyone,
I recently noticed that one of my Raid1 hard drives seemed to have failed. So I ordered a new one.
Turns out it wasn’t the hard drive that failed but actually the ‘slot’ that contains the hard drive. I have three drives now and they all work just fine in slot 1, but they don’t work in slot 2. However when I insert a drive it gets warm, so it has power.

Looks like this in the web interface:

Drive1 | 2 TB | 38 °C | Good | S.M.A.R.T. Data
Drive2 | N/A | | Bad | N/A

What are my options now? Anything I can try out?

Thanks for your help.


I would bet that the SATA connection on the EX2’s slot has been damaged somehow.

You might try removing both drives and try to clean the sockets with some compressed gas, just in case it’s dirt or debris preventing a good connection.

Alright, will try that!
Any other things you can think of that I could try out? Does WD fix stuff like that?

Recently the EX2 also started giving me this error message:
" Hard Drive Information - The system is busy. Please wait until the system LED turns solid blue before inserting another drive."