Every reboot i got automatically new shares counted up --> after new firmware


after using a long time firmware version 3.X i decided to upgrade to version v04.04.02-105. Upgrading works without problems. But after the reboot i got a new share i didn’t installed.

Before reboot the original share was: /movie
After upgrading a got to shares: /movie and movie_1

The acces to the movies works only with /movie_1. Im surprised an rebooted my wdmycloud again and now i had three share
/movie_2 --> only works

this happens withs every share i had. In the moment my Dashboard shows, that my Mycloud has 27 shares. What a silly behavior!

What happened there? How can i get my original share /movie back?

All my scripts are working with the original shares doesn’t work, so i had to change them.

Every Idea are welcome…


Do you have an external USB hard drive or device attached to the My Cloud? And is the name of that hard drive “movie”?

What you are seeing is what is happening to some who attach external USB hard drives or devices to their My Cloud. See the following thread which discusses the issue.


Hello Bennor

yes! There are some external harddrives with an usb-hub connected to my hard drive…

if you have movie and movie_1 then delete movie and rename movie_1 to movie and you are back to what you expect until you reboot the nas again,

I think there is more to it than just a delete and rename. Once a USB has been mounted as movie_1. /etc/samba/overall_share will contain the name movie_1. as a share name. The USB will be mounted as /nfs/movie_1 and /var/media/movie_1. There will be a symlink in /shares/movie_1 pointing to /var/media/movie_1. It seems that if for some reason the USB is dismounted and the /etc/samba/overall_share still has movie as a share name. Then when you go to mount the USB again it will get mounted as movie_2.
Just noticed you have movie_1 but the mount process starts at _2 if it finds movie in the /etc/samba/overall_share file.
If you “sh /usr/local/sbin/getShares.sh all” will list all shares in the /etc/samba/overall_share file.

It is up to the programmers of the firmware to remove this behavior permanently. but try to avoid the reboot until they have fixed it.