USB Drive Makes New Name

When I opened my cloud it comes up with my usb drive called samsung, but when i opened it up a few times it keeps adding a new number to it like its a new drive, I now have samsung 12,
I have 12 folders from 1-12 all saying samsung(same drive), how do I delete these or even format it, I dont understand why it is doing this!

If you can look at the /etc/samba/overall_share file. How many samsung entries are in the file?


im no techie, so where on earth do i find that?

Also you can do a “tail /var/log/wdnas.log” This will show messages about the USB device it mounted or tried to mount.


This is what it looks like…

You need to enable SSH in the dashboard. You then need a program called putty for windows. After you download putty. You can run putty and enter the ip address of the MC and click open. You will then get a login prompt. enter root.
Then enter the root password. Once you are logged in you can type “cat /etc/samba/overall_share” It will list all of the shares on your MC. When no USB devices are installed. There should only be a Public entry in this file. You can also do “tail /var/log/wdnas.log” This will show you the last few entries in this log. This log is used to show different information about the MC. Some of which is log entries when mounting a USB device.


I experience the same problem, so at least it is not an issue with your setup.
My MyCloud firmware is: 04.04.02-105 - I have a WD MyBook disk connected to MyCloud via USB. It showed as “My_Book” under Shares and I was able access and share data on that disk via network.
A few days later though, the “My_Book” share was empty and the disk was mounted under a new name “My_Book_2”. Several days later, the disk was now showing as “My_Book_3”. A few days later: “My_Book_4”.
Of course my network links to this disk (e.g. for my WD TV) stop working each time, because the data has moved. The disk was connected to the MyCloud constantly, it was not removed at any time.

BTW: I used this USBdisk/MyCloud combination without problem for a while. It appears the problem was introduced with the latest firmware update in January. I found one other thread in this forum about the same problem, but no solution and no WD support comment…

Same problem after last update…

same problem for me after the last update …

… thats inconvenient …

logged with SSH, no usb connected, all shares on place including the duplicated (5 times) usb - Media1 to 5 and MyBook 1 to 5 - see the pdf.

ssh.pdf (15.5 KB)

Run the script /usr/local/sbin/ all. If nothing is mounted none of the USB shares should be displayed. Are you sure it is Media_1 not Media_2.
The way WD code is set up. If Media is in the /etc/samba/overall_share file then it will add Media_2 share.


when disconnected drives, I removed manualy the shares from UI (Media, Media_2, Media_3…5 and MyBook to Mybook_5) after rconnected it became Media_6 and Mybook_6

Before the update the usb drives was always named Media and MyBook and never changed.

with the script /usr/local/sbin/ all no usb shares displayed - but 2 video files (from Media usb drive) displayed as shares… very strange…
ssh2.pdf (10.3 KB)

Check the following directories for these share names. /nfs /var/media /shares
I would remove them if they exist. Also you can tail /var/log/wdnas.log. T?his is where messages are logged about mounting USB devices.


Good news: WD Support suggested to try a system restore. And that actually corrected the problem for me.

"The system restore will not affect the information inside of the unit. You’ll be able to accomplish the system restore by:
Proceed to take the Power off from the unit.
Press and hold the reset button on the back of the unit.
Connect the power to the WD My Cloud, while still holding the button.
Wait 45 seconds, then release the button."

I had to do this twice, the first restore did not have effect but the second attempt worked and the WD My Cloud GUI confirmed “Factory restore succeeded”. I had deleted the superfluous share mounts the systen had created (in my case, “My_Book2” "“My_Book3” etc) and after the reset the external disk was shared as expected as "“My_Book”, and it stayed like that after several reboots of both, WD My Cloud and the external WD Disk.

Try it and see if it works for you, too…

And Thanks to WD Support, they responded within one day and also followed up, offering to talk on the phone if this does not help…

Same worked for me as well. Made this suggestion of a System Only Restore previously to the New Release Firmware Release 04.04.02-105 (1/27/2016) thread a few weeks ago.

I missed your post in that thread - it would have saved me some frustration :slightly_smiling: Thanks for sharing your experience on the forum…