MyBook share connected to My Cloud Increments Share Name

We have a Western Digital My Book 1230 4TB connected via USB to a My Cloud Model Number sq which originally was shared through Windows XP as My_Book. These devices are only turned on once a week and for the past seven weeks the share name has automatically incremented through My-Book_1 to My_Book_7, so each week the previous share name no longer works. Both these devices are switched off at the powerpoint at the end of the day, not sure whether this affects the Cloud device and it thinks each week it has a new shared device?!

Any ideas appreciated, thanks

See the following post for a workaround to this well known and discussed issue.

Eject the USB hard drive via the Dashboard, then remove any extra Share entries for the USB drive in the Dashboard, then reattach the USB hard drive to the My Cloud and rename the USB Share back to its original name without the “_x” appended text.

Thanks Bennor, our firmware was up to date but I’ve renamed as suggested and it seems to have worked