Error when trying to copy iTunes library from USB drive to WD Cloud

I have my iTunes library stored on a 1 TB USB storage device that is plugged into a 3TB WD MyCloud. OS: Windows XP Using the WD MyCloud program, I try to copy from the expansion drive to the MyCloud drive into the shared music folder. iTunes media library is 43 GB. this is the error I receive after about 5 minutes of starting: “The following folder was not copied. This can occur if the folder name was changed. Please try again.” Any ideas?

The WD MyCloud desktop app is not great to move a lot of content around. It can be also confusing, as the UI doesn’t reflect immediately what has been done. You might end up deleting content that has not been copied yet, or doing twice the same thing. In my case, I deleted content that I thought had been copied alreay…

I recommend you use your computer to move the content from the USB disk attached to it, to your NAS. It will be more reliable using Windows or Mac OS than these iffy apps. and it will be faster if you are on a fast wireless connection or, better, on Ethernet wired connection. The USB connection at the back of the NAS is very slow. You will get about 5MB/S at best with a lot of smallish files like music.

Can I know your WD devices information and installed software version more in detail?

Is that device 3TB My Cloud and Is version

If you can give us the informatoin, I would be best to look into this issue.


I have the exact same problem.

Have you got a solution for it?