Error trying to access my my book live

Hey, I’m having some really confusing problem with my MBL. I updated the firmware to the latest one setted the Mobile access and the web access, and none of them work.

My modem have UPnP enable, and is a Thomson TG580 Router/modem, i dont really know what settings to check.

What is funny is that the connections gets stablished for a second, becuase if the MBL is in stand by with nothing online on the network, the light will become green and the initial setup will kick in, but never completes, or i recive an error like “cannot find device (701)”. 

Also im unable to access the drive thru wd2go (web), it tries to, but keep on waiting for the device and never connects.

I bet is a router setting somewhere but i would like to know, is wd is able to provide the ports that wd2go (web) and wdphotos use, so i could create some port fowarding to see if this can overcome my issues… but any ideas is much apreciated

I’m having a similar problem with the WD 2go app and posted something in that forum.  I know that mine is a router issue, as it worked with an older router.   I’ll let you know if anyone responds there.

Well, i know is a router related issue, but i have solve it. In my country the telephone company provides something called router/modem, and they are not the best devices ever, so today, i went ahead and got a wireless router and connected it to my router/modem, and then connected the MBL to the wireless router… and like that issue resolve