No connection - no access

So, Western Digital has done it again!! Everything works fine on your product until they send out a new firmware. A few months ago I installed a new firmware on my WD Tv Live Hub, and whoops: it disappeared from the network with no way of accessing it from my computer until the next firmware was released two months later. NOW, practically the same thing has happened to my brand new Book Live 3TB. I got it two days ago, and today I installed the latest firmware, shut down the computer, went to work, and when I got home: Whooops, the Book Live disappeared from the network. My WD TV Live Hub can see it, but now every single movie stutters. So A) the Live Book has become very slow. B) It’s not accessible from my computer unless I connect the two things with a cable. C) WD really makes som [Deleted] products and this is the last time I’ll every buy a WD product.

Does ANYONE have an idea about what I can do to solve this problem? I’ve tried resetting the Book Live and unplugging the power chord. Nothing helped. [Deleted] product!

Reading through the symptoms leads me more in the direction of a network issue than a drive issue. Can you give me a little more information about your network setup?

I’m no expert so could you tell what I have to look for? Is it possible that a firmware-installation could affect my network?

I have been trying to get mine back up for the last month, and u can not access it via linux either as Western Digital has some funking ■■■■ on it. Now I have twonkey poping up but nothing else and I can not view files via twonkey.

 u can not access it via linux either as Western Digital has some funking ■■■■ on it.

There’s is absolutely NOTHING on the WD MBL that prevents it from being accessed via Linux.

I have something like six or seven boxes on my network running Linux, and every one of them accesses the MBL without issue.

 I agree with HerbMiller; it sounds like something has gone horribly wrong with your network.   The fact that it happened near a FW update is most likely coincidental.

I have ubuntu installed under VirtualBox and can’t access it, I am not a Linux wizard, maybe I am doing something wrong.and mine did go down after a firmware update as well…

In your Ubuntu box, issue the command “smbtree” and see if the MBL and your shares are listed.

You should see something like:

tony@mars Sun Nov 06 07:54 AM
/home/tony> smbtree
Enter tony's password:
                \\WDTVLIVEPETER\IPC$ IPC Service (WDTV LIVE)
                \\WDTVLIVEHUBLR\IPC$ IPC Service (WDTV LIVE)
                \\WDTVLIVEHUBLR\WDTVLiveHub WDTVLiveHub
        \\WDTVLIVE3 WD TV Live
                \\WDTVLIVE3\IPC$ IPC Service (WD TV Live)
        \\MYBOOKLIVE My Book Live Network Storage
                \\MYBOOKLIVE\IPC$ IPC Service (My Book Live Network Storage)
                \\MYBOOKLIVE\Public Public Share
        \\BIGNAS1 Big Freakin' NAS Server 1

 (I deleted a lot of lines from mine for brevity’s sake…

nothing sees it only the 2wire router, evryonce and awhile I will get the twonky server to show up, weird…

I’m still confused?! How can I check my network setup? I need a step-by-step guide in order to do this right.