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This is not acceptable from a company as big as WD.
the idea of the product is great and that’s why many people purchased it.
but the technical support is a great disappointment. how come they stop such important software without a replacement of alternative. the browser solution is not practical as itself says that big files would not be recommended through the browser. WD sync app is designed for another use, and it is not a practical replacement for WD Mycloud the desktop app.
i am extremely disappointed from WD for such failure from their end


I use . . USED the app to allow myself to watch movies while on travel on a laptop, or even in same household through a PC. Is there an alternate method to Stream videos from the device now that the App is no longer supported?


The same happened to me
I used to use the app just crating music playlists playing music from my cloud.
Now since the web app cannot recognize the mp3 and doesn’t work as a media player I have to find an other way.
Does anybody know a procedure of bypass the program limitation or a third party solution for that?


Great thread. I was just playing around, and ran into the same issue myself - - > which is well explained here.

About 12 months ago, I started looking into the various FTP and remote access options. I finally decided that the security concerns (and general pain of getting the connections working) were not worth the hassle.

I figure if the directories are exposed to the internet. . .may as well put the data on a reputable cloud hosting service. For stuff I don’t want exposed. . .the NAS box at home and portable drives in my bag fit the bill.

I am speaking as an individual user, not an enterprise user.
Your mileage may vary.