Email link gives error 404 i.e cant allow access to my files outside of the home network

Hi Guys,

Last resort here but someone may be able to tell me what im doing wrong.

I take thousands of images, ocassionally i want someone to take a look at those images that are stored on mycloud rather than email them etc.

My thoughts are that i can email the link to that album to any random email address and they can click on the link and see only that album on my drive.

However, while the link comes through and you can click on it, you always get the same error message 404 file not found.  

Can someone please tell me what the missing piece of the jigsaw is please.

Example of the link is "’s%20Cup%20Final%20Edited?device_user_id=13647065&request_auth_code=e10d5460a6c282261da5697c1c29bc382090d4d1e4f10ee30e009fe20328e010"

 i’m sure someone must be doing this successfully.


Hello, welcome to the WD Community. What it looks like is that your router is blocking the connection, have you tried forwarding ports 80 and 443 to your drive?

Hi there,

No i haven’t, this is new terminology for me and not sure exactly how to do that.  Do you know of a resource that instructs me on how to please?

Actually please dont worry, i have found the resource and i have made the adjustments and its working.

Thanks for all your help :slight_smile: