Error 404 page cant be found when I share content

Using the email option to share content the recipients are getting error 404 (file not found)
I know others are experiencing this and would have replied to their threads but being new to the community I cannot see a reply button anywhere? Is there a support number anywhere for the UK?

Do you have “Remote Access” turned on? How do you get the link to the file you are trying to share? Did you get the link from the WD My Cloud desktop app?

Maybe I don’t have remote access turned on? I thought that was if you just wanted to share a folder with someone giving them read/write access. A friend just emails me a link from he WD app on his desktop by right clicking the folder, selecting email and puts in an email address, the recipient receives an email with a link to the contents, they click on it, it downloads a zip file, they open it and voila! theres all the files. Mine does the same but when the recipient clicks the link, instead of the zip file downloading they get an Error paga can’t be found