Elements play gets stuck mainly when I add a srt file


Hello all, 

I have a WD Elements Play

I am having issues with this player. It´s brand new, but It gets stuck and I have to disconnect from electricity almost every time I play a dvdrip in an avi container.

It has no problem with a dvd full (vob files), but dvdrip can´t handle

It happens mainly when I add a .srt subtitle, then if I click on any button as fast forward, pause for example, the screen turns black and I have to unplug to make it work
Is there an update fixing this, if not I´ll ask for a return, because I use mainly avi and srt files.

This isn´t happenning always, randomly, but very frequently. Then I have to disconnect the plug, and connect again, it´s the only way to make it work.

by the way, I´d like to know if this Model 1st or second gen?

Thank you


Click on the link below and check if you have the latest firmware version.



Thanks for the reply, however  I never updated any firmware, and I don´t know how to do it.

How do I know what firmware version has my player?


Ok, I found it 

my firmware is 1.00.10

I downloaded this one: ElementsPlayGen2.v1.01.02.zip

Should I install this firmware, and the pendrive has to be empty and formated in fat32?


Check the link below for the steps.



Just updated the firmware, and the problem is solved

Thank you!



I have the same problem with WD Elements Play Model WDBNLC0010HBK-EESN, it stuck frequently when I add a sub.The last firmware for this model is : Version: 1.01.02.Version Firmware Ver. 1.01.10is for

WDBACCxxxxHBK or WDBACBxxxxHBK. It’s work even for WDBNLC0010HBK-EESN?