WD Elements Play last firmware?

In my WD Elements Play (2TB), its menu says the firmware is 1.01.12.

Is there a more recent firmware available? I could only find this for the WD Elements Play, but the version I see here is 1.00.09.


1.01.10 is the latest version for the Elements Play Gen 1.   1.01.12 was installed on some Gen1 units at the factory.

1.00.10 is the latest version for the Elements Play Gen 2.

Will they release more firmwares?

I’ve been experiencing troubles with some videos, after two minutes the image freezes but the audio keeps sounding.

iam having the same frame skip issue in some movies >> will they make a fix farmware … 

This is a really good question.

In the “News and Announcements” page there’s a lot of firmware updates announcements for all the other WDC devices. WD Elements Play doesn’t have any update for more than a year even though it has a few issues to be solved.

Does the next Elements Play announcement is related with it’s production/support being discontinued? (it already seems so…)

Well, I guess it comes down to the fact that the EP’s are designed from the ground up to be CHEAP.

That includes the lack of continued firmware development.

I accept that EP’s are a cheap product but it would be great to know exactly that info before the buying decision. Along side with the specifications in the product box a small note from WDC could be also added: “We support lots of audio/ video codecs, well designed and functional UI, configurable subtitles… but none of these features is yet finalized and never will. Buy now, regret later.”

I have the same feeling!
I ever liked the WD HDD, so i brougth this BUT the subtitles **bleep** ans it lacks supports!


Does someone know any Custom Firmware?