WD Elements Play 2TB - the biggest problems

Hi, these are the most important issues I have with WD Elements Play

  1. Playlists don’t work - when I go by the manual (select the playlist and hit PAUSE/PLAY), nothing happens. I tried M3U and WPL files (I’m talking about music playlists, I haven’t tried video playlists…). Does anyone have the same problem / can anyone help me how to solve it?

  2. WD Elements Play doesn’t remember the position where the movie was stopped (or switched off the WD EPlay). I mean mostly - sometimes it does, sometimes not (WD TV had no problem with this, it remembered all movies…). Please can this be fixed in the next firmware release?

  3. SUB subtitles don’t work at all… But this is not that important, I can still use SRT…

  4. Even the biggest subtitle font is too small. Please fix this in the next firmware release…

If anyone knows any way how to solve these problems, please let me know… Thank you for every reply.

And if these are firmware bugs, please WD coders make it work…

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I’d like srt-support when playing mp4. Also, I’d like gapless playback (mp3). And I’d like my folders to show revealing art concerning content (cover art i e). (The option of showing big folders, as in wdtv.) SRT-support when playing rmvb-video would be nice too. Couldn’t adjusting the wdtv firmware to fit elements play be done?