Subtitles and Option button

My WD Elements doesnt’t play any subtitles, unless I use the OPTION button. But sometimes this function doesnt’t work, I press the Option button and nothing happens!

I have already tried to update the firmware, but It never works. The guidelines were followed carefully, I must say.

I just updated the software and found out what happened. The WD Elements couldnt’t find the file in a 32 GB Pen Drive. I tried with a 8 GB PD and it worked fine.

But the Options button is still missing… Yesterday I could use it, but today It’s gone again… No subtitles!

C’mon, guys, help me out!

Hi there,

Does the subtitle file have the same name as the movie file?

Which extension does the file uses , ex: .srt?

SRT extensions, they titles are ok, I’m used to it. My problem is that the subtitles cannot be turned on because of the OPTIONS button. It doesnt work at all - unless to delete de file.