WD ELEMENTS PLAY: Subtitles problem

I recently purchased a WD Elements Play 2TB, and I was wondering if there’s any way to automatically load the subtitle of my movies/series?

  • I placed both the srt subtitle and the video file in one folder.

  • I also renamed the srt subtitle according to the video’s exact file name.

  • There is only ONE srt file for each video (so there isn’t any conflict when it comes to choosing other/alternative subtitles).

I can load the subtitle by clicking on options -> subtitle … but it’s very tedious doing it everytime the next episode is played.

I am also familiar with another WD Live media player, and it can load subtitles on it’s own.

Comments are appreciated! Thanks!


Unfortunately this option is not available on the WD TV Elements Play. The device does not have the option to load the subtitle automatically.

Way to go.