DX4000 with WHS2011 in 2024

I bought a DX4000 from a local second-hand market,.After some time, I installed Windows Home Server 2011 on it. Everything looks like OK because the original DX4000 run Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, they all based Windows Server 2008 R2 i guess.

All WD software worked, except WdStorageProvider.

I found the relevant error in the Windows Event Viewer like " Fail to load drive port monitor. exit…" Then the Service Stopped.
But this service is another dependency named “Wd enclosure service provider”. This service stop make the enclosure service stop, then the fan starts roaring and the LED stops flashing.

How can I get any help from here? thinks everyone.

why would you want to downgrade to home server and have issues? just install what is supposed to be on there have everything work and have 25 users instead of 10.

they are the same as you stated HomeServer does not do anything that storage server does not

Hey, Gramps! Thank you for the Reply!

I’ve read a lot of your posts. Thank you very much for the content and information.

Actually, I just wanted to explore the possibility of the DX4000 installing other Windows versions and working perfectly.

If I was going to install something different I would go newer.
I am sure somewhere I posted the WD stuff

Thanks again.

By the way, I checked the installation directory of WdStorageProvider and found that it “copied” some files from other applications for get system information, such as IRST, WdEnclosureService, .NET and so on. It even have a whitelist. xml. I try to modify it but it didn’t work.

Based on the logs recorded in Windows Event Manager, I think the problem is WD’s own application, or the way it gets hardware information. I will try to compare the difference between WHS2011 and WSS2008R2. I’ll update here if I have new discoveries.

I think the question is Microsoft maybe " changed" the function what is get system information between WHS2011 and WSS2008R2.

I’ll try to unzip 3 SWM files to get the Install.WIM, mount it, and Check different. If they are not different, as previously replied, the problem should be the WdStorageProvider application itself.

Hola como estas? espero que bien tengo un problema al iniciar el NAS pero me da el siguiente error STARTUP FAILED 0xD9 según vi el error corresponde a falla del SO pero no consigo como reinstalarlo, tendrán algún manual para hacerlo?

Hello how are you? I hope it’s okay I have a problem starting the NAS but it gives me the following error STARTUP FAILED 0xD9 as I saw the error corresponds to an OS failure but I can’t figure out how to reinstall it, do you have a manual to do it?

If you do this below all data will be lost. If you have data that you need you can try 3rd party raid recovery tools.

Hello, thank you, good morning, the disks I have are 4TB and they are new, I have no data there

hola gracias, buenos dias, los discos que tengo son de 4TB y estan nuevos, no tengo datos ahi

realice todo el proceso pero me dice STORAGE BAD

I did the whole process but it tells me STORAGE BAD

The drives must match this list exactly. It is impossible to find these drives anymore. WD has software called drive enabler which bypasses this requirement but it must be run on a working system.

I have never done it but others have. You can edit the whitelist to use unsupported drives. You will have to search this forum to find examples.

Good luck

Forget the 0XD9 code, just install Windows what you want.

The code I tested that would be Error Storage Format.If you didn’t use the Original System, you can ignore it, access BIOS select Advanced change IDE mode from RAID to ACHI and install a new windows just like a normal x86 computer.

With my test, you’d better use the Serial Port to access the BIOS. It can be used anytime. You can find it on Mainboard J23 :grin: