DX4000 WDBLGT0120KBK is fried - compatible units?

Lightning struck my house two days ago. Lost the AC, a Netgear switch, a Tablo, an Epson Eco-Tank and even found the treadmill running by itself in the garage.

But my poor DX4000.

The fan won’t even come on. I’ve tested the output of the DC power brick and it’s fine. So I don’t think there’s any coming back from this. A couple of faint red lights above the drives (3 out of 4). LCD shows nothing.

I’ve looked on eBay for matching part numbers. I find four bay units, but their part numbers are different.

The goal is to put the four drives (all of which power up and access the heads, I can hear them) in a new DX4000 and attempt to recover the contents. Lots of family photos, etc.

So this is a question for WD support. Can I put these drives in anything other than a WDBLGT0120KBK and expect it to work if all the drives are intact?

Barring that, I’d like to recover the contents some other way. Is there a software solution, or recovery tool someplace?



I honestly do not know if there is any actual difference in the DX that came with 2tb vs the 4tb drives. The goal was if the box died you just get another and swap the drives. It does work.

But you should google raid recovery software. You will need a pc with as many usb adapters or usb dock as you have drives. Most of the software will let you “see” your data for free and then pay to drag n drop

So I suggest you get your data then get a new nas from another vendor

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as far as I can tell from our experience, DX4000 drives can be fully interchanged on other DX4000 units without any problem

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Thanks! I found one and ordered it. Fingers crossed. I’ll post how it turns out.

I do not see any reason why it should not work (unless of course there is something wrong with the hard drives). One of the cons of DX4000 is that the operating system is on the same HDs as data, making the unit slower and possibly more at risk in case of OS failure. But the con is that you can swap HDs on other units without needing any reconfiguration. The only drawback could be due to some slight hw changes in different DX4000 (which I do not expect), but in my attempts I always managed to swap HDs in different units without any problem.

I thought I’d update this for any poor devil who has the same thing happen. I went to eBay, bought a DX4000, but the 4TB version, for $78USD. It still had 4 drive bays, even though it only had two drives.

I pulled the 4 drives out of the old blown unit and kept them in order and reinstalled them in the new unit.

Worked. Booted right up and I didn’t lose any data at all.

Thanks, WD!

Great work Done By You…Endura Mass