DX4000 - SERIOUSLY! Your answer is trash it and buy our new one?

I have the same issue SO many others have. Just a few years back we bought a WD DX4000. They are still for sale at the local Fry’s Electronics here in Phoenix. I try to upgrade it, (as simple as changing a light bulb) and find the drives are nowhere to be found.

Its not like the drives could not be made. If I sent this drive in for early failure a rebuilt EXACT match would be made available to me. It is we don’t support that unit any more and we made a new one you can spend a thousand dollars for that is not as picky about what drives it uses.

This “pickyness” is by design. a quick release of firmware would restore a bit of my faith in WD as giving half a da*n about its customers, but nope, the answer I have is Go buy another of our systems…WE PROMISE this won’t happen again.

My response…Fool me once, shame on you…Fool me twice, shame on me. I will be purchasing a new NAS all right, just not from WD.

An interesting issue. Especially what Microsoft’s storage server 2008 R2 is not yet and end-of-line operating system.

WD does not have any Windows Models on the website anymore. Nor can you get the iso to reload the DX
Sad for sure

Curious. Don’t the storage server take updates from Microsoft’s update service? I am very much surprised. than again, Western Digital do end-of-life their stuff quite quickly. It’s a concern.

Yes they get windows updates. As long has the box has no hardware problems you are golden.

This is a problem with custom hardware. :frowning: