Have just come back from holidays, there must have been a power outage at some point. My DX4000 is stuck on LOADING OS PLEASE WAIT. I’ve tried rebooting, just goes through the paces until it reaches this point and goes no further. I only have 2 drives in use, both have the solid blue light. Not sure what to do from here, can’t access dashboard or remote desktop to it. HELP!

Also cannot find anywhere on the WD website the recovery ISO file

Can you ping it? If not you may have to contact WD for the recovery ISO

It’s alive! Reset must have done it some good, its just verifying the drive now. But I’d like to know where I could get the ISO but also what advice there would be for appropriate backup procedures. Should I be taking the drives home? Backup online (I can only backup this data in Australia for privacy reasons)?

Online is no good for a system failure. If you only have two, 2tb drives raid 1, you can use windows server backup. Click start type backup, do the wizard to an external USB drive

You will need the recovery ISO though to restore from said backup. Open a support case with WD I suppose and ask for the recovery ISO