After restart dx4000 its took me 2 days to loading OS....n stil loading until now

Hi, i’ve bought an UPS APC BACK 1100VA connect with my wd sentinel dx4000… when plugging all plugs i press the shutdown button, then on back the dx4000… but it keep showing loading OS…please wait…

after half hour…1 hour…stil loading…

I thought maybe the UPS problem, so i plug it off from dx4000…

but its still same loading OS please wait… alr 2 days…

Whats wrong with it???

PLease help!!!

Try not to ever power off.  Click shutdown fron the dashboard or desktop.

Some have reported loading OS for as long as 5 days before it boots.

While you wait you can be downloading the recovery software.

either wait or rebuild it.

Hi, rebuild it by the recovery software?

All these have to download?

PANAM_SvrRecovery_01_05_08_31.iso (Server Recovery for ISO for PAN AM) 6.92 GB  
PANAM_SvrRecovery_01_05_08_31.md5 1 KB  
EMEA_SvrRecovery_01_05_08_31.iso (Server Recovery for ISO for EMEA) 8.09 GB  
EMEA_SvrRecovery_01_05_08_31.md5 1 KB  
APAC_SvrRecovery_01_05_08_31.iso (Server Recovery for ISO for APAC) 7.58 GB  



Yes rebuild with the ISO.  It will erase everything and start new

You only download the version you need.  America, Europe, or Asia.

wow!!!i will erase everything???

cannot ohhhh~ inside got many users files… very very important… ><"""

HOw how???