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Hello everyone

while i was trying to install WD Sentinel DX4000 first time use the electricity went off and now everytime i try ti turn it on it’s hang at Loading OS… Please Wait, Need Help plz

just leave it on for at least 24 hours.

Go get a UPS

Do not power it off untill it loads, may take as long as 5 days some say

been like 2 days now and still loading :S

You may want to go ahead and download the recovery ISO.  If you get tired of waiting you could do a server recovery.

downloading 8 GB :O, ok will do that :\

but then what is the steps of recovery ?

When you get it downloaded you mount it using whatever tools you have.  For example in Win8 you can just right click and mount.  MS has a tool for Win7 you can download, etc.  It is almost impossible to burn a good DL DVD.  Don’t waste your time and money, just mount it for free.

When mounted as a drive letter, you simply dbl click setup.exe (I think).  You can try step 3 first, if it fails you will have to do step 2, then 3.  The screens tell you what to do.

Basically it will make a thumb drive for you.  You hold in a button on the back of the wd and it will boot from the thumb.  Follow the instructions on your PC screen.  In a nutshell, it is going to lay down an image from the iso on your PC to the WD box and it will end up fresh, like out of the box

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I agree with Gramps on this.  If power goes out during your initial setup procedure, this more than likely compromised the O/S and made incapable of reloading and starting the setup over.