DX4000 + Replaced Failed Drive = Stuck on LOADING OS PLEASE WAIT…

I have a WD DX4000 Sentinel (4× 3TB Drives)

About two weeks ago one of the drives failed (red light on front of sentinel).
So I powered down the unit and removed the drive to check the serial number/warranty. Found drive to still be in warranty expires 7/4/2016.

Now this is probably where I went wrong, I put the drive back in and powered it on to see if there was any information under the dashboard and to see if I could still access the drives.

After turning it back on the only message I got was ‘LOADING OS PLEASE WAIT…’. I phone WD support and they said to power down drive and wait for replacement drive.

Yesterday the replacement drive arrived so I removed faulty drive and installed the new drive. I powered it up (10:00) and it went to ‘LOADING OS PLEASE WAIT…’. Today (some 17+ hours later) it still says ‘LOADING OS PLEASE WAIT…’.

The power light is flashing on and off steadily and the 4x drive lights flash blue every now and then all together as if being accessed.

Further testing today reveals I can access the drive from Remote Desktop Connection and Network but Dashboard says ‘Unable to connect to your server’.

Under the user manual P31 ‘Replacing a Failed Drive’ it says to just hot swap it out and it should go to rebuild percentage display on LCD.

Any advice much appreciated.

I would remote to the server desktop and run services.msc

My guess is the WD and Windows Server services are not started. There are a couple of windows server services that are not normally running anyway

Hi Gramps,

Here is a screen grab from my Services panel. Anything I should be looking for?

FYI: I have just done a windows update (it installed 10 updates then said I needed to reset) I clicked reset and nothing has changed/popped up or happened.


yea all those things should be started. Not sure I would have done windows updates, but in any case I think I would just click restart. Or if you want you can click on all those wd and windows services and try to manually start them. For example the WD LED service should allow the led to change from loading OS. The windows Server health would make the dashboard load.

Actually if you have any data you might want to copy off first might not be a bad idea

Hi Gramps, I have done a Restart.

When I try to Start ‘WD LCD Provider’, first a progress bar appears then I get the error message ‘Error 1068 – Windows could not start the WD LCD Provider service on Local Computer’. I get the same message when trying to start ‘Window Server Health Service’.

Unfortunately I don’t have nearly enough free space to back up the raid drive data.
I have taken off critical stuff but there is over 6TB of data on the drive.

Any ideas why it looks to be stuck on loading OS?

I am not at my box to look, but the error says the dependency failed, so you need to look at the properties of each service to see what it is dependent on and then look in the event log to see why it failed to start.

It is not actually stuck loading OS as obviously it has booted and you can remote to it. The lcd service is not started so the msg on the lil screen is not changing.

You may have to reload the server. It may keep your data. You really need a copy of your data even if the box is perfect. Get a couple of 3tb drives and a usb adapter if you have to, to save your data

Check your system date. Is it correct? The date, not the time

This fellow had your exact problems and di a .net reinstall

start at the top


Just checked and indeed the date is wrong on the sentinel, it currently set to 8th December.
Great, thanks for the link, I will have a read through the thread when I am back from seeing Star Wars :smiley:

Hi Gramps,

Awesome news, after following the steps in the thread I now have the Raid drive LCD displaying ‘Repairing 0.7%…’
It was the uninstalling and re-installing of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 that fixed it.

Thank you for your support.
Kind regards,

Good news indeed.
Keep an eye on the date. For whatever reason, those who have the issue it gets stuck on the last time the box was powered off maybe.

there are some other threads about the date issue in here